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Right now you can order following pieces of canvas:

KolibriAqua 3m/6pc

KolibriVaahtokarkki 1m/2pc

KolibriKultaPieni 1m/2pc

KolibriYöPieni 2m/4pc

KurkistusGrey 3m/6pc

KyyHopeaPieni 1m/2pc

KuuralehtiMirrorNaturel 1m/2pc

KuurapunosPieni 1m/2pc

TulppaaniPinkki 0,5m/1pc

Canvas, 100% cotton, 355g, Width 155cm Price 97 € / m. Piece Fabrics order unit is 0.5m / 1pc!

The material is high quality and very strong natural fiber, Panama stakeholder. The fabric is very suitable for shelving and trim, interior, table cloths, bags, purses or even the production of sneaker shoes! High quality digitally printed pattern this material has a resistance to abrasion and light duration has been tested and proven highly!  Martindale test is 49 500 (more than 30 000 Martindales SFS-EN ISO 12947-2). About 26 warp threads / cm, a weft density of about 14 threads / cm. Warp 70 Z 420 tex, tex weft 96 Z 460. It takes constant even cooking to washing. Cleaning Recommendation of 60 ° C. Do not bleach.

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