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Zirbaslife Design Of fabrics of Finland lampshades ceiling lights and foot lamps. Color, light and atmosphere of personal character pat- terns! Specimens on display here KyyRosePieni and Diamond Light Grasses weathered timber. Shades are made to order, delivery time about 30 days. You can also make a wish of your favourite pattern in contact form so that we can increase the range of toivekuosin! This allows you to subscribe to the luminaire housing liking desired design at no additional cost!

Finland Zirbaslife Design fabrics graduating shades are laminated on the inside and they get a metal frame, which screens can be attached to either a ceiling lamp or jalkalamppuun. Material options sateen or cotton linen. Great shade the entire height of 25cm and a diameter of 38cm. Small lampshade height of 22cm and a diameter of 28cm.

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