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From a customer's own photos or other digital form of work, such as painting quality cushion covers and floor pads! The print is made in high quality in BCI certified cotton, in the same place as all Zirbaslife Design natural fibers. Stitches are also sewn in Finland. Cushion covers are 50cm x 50cm and floor coverings 70cm x 70cm. The image continues up to the edging edge and the color is deep in the fabric fibers.

Also available with domestic interior pads from our online store!

You can choose a pillow as a backdrop for either a black or a white canvas. On the floor pads, the same print comes from both sides of the pillow.

Cushion covers can withstand heavy wear and washing at 60 ° C, ironing with hot iron.

The image in a digital format (max 12Mt, jpg, png, zip or word document) is downloaded via the attached link, the picture must be pre-trimmed, for example 30cm x 30cm and a file with a limited file size preferably over 1Mt. Choose the color of the background fabric at the same time.

Interior cushion cover 50cm x 50cm or floor pad 70cm x 70cm. Material BCI Certified 100% Cotton, Strong Panama. Image printing on canvas, as well as sewing Finnish work. Wash 60C, tumble drying is not recommended. Spray damp and iron with a hot steam iron. Delivery time of the order product 4-6 weeks. 

You can only upload images that you have all the rights, as well as anyone who may be present in the image. We do not approve of violent, nude, racist, illegal, offensive, hate speech, pornographic or sexually suggestive images.

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