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When you want to deliver something unique, surprise with gift card at the Zirbaslife Design webshop! The card is valid as a payment method at the online store 6 months from the date of purchase. The card can not be exchanged for cash. The balance downloaded to the card does not need to be used at one time.

The folding card is high quality glossy cardboard, inside printed text: gift card for online store www.zirbaslife.fi, gift card value _________ €, purchase date and CODE, and other necessary information. The card has room for your own text.

Card and envelope will be delivered by mail within 3-7 days! Choose from three beautiful cards! You can choose between 50 €, 100 €, 200 € or 300 € worth of the card, for the picture you choose in the checkout, enter it in the box below: ADD COMMENT. The alternatives are KyyRose, Wonderful, and Shaggy.

If you need a gift voucher for a certain amount, or if you want to receive a gift voucher online, please contact us first on the form below! We will make a gift card with just what you need!

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