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Upholstery fabrics

Upholstery fabrics

Realize the dream of an eye-catching piece of furniture and space for this wonderful, unique printed fabrics for your own projects!

Print Fabric printing is performed by reactive colors to provide a unique color depth and washing and abrasion resistance. Colour are chemically attaches directly to the fiber, the fabric a natural reserve does not change. Printing process, the fabric goes through a 90 degree wash, so the material can withstand normal washing at 60 degrees in the future. Zirbaslife Design fabrics are printed at Aitoo, Finland's only printing house, which prints also natural fibers!

Cotton Panama, a canvas upholstery fulfills highly upholstery fabric requirements. 100% cotton, 355g / m2, width 155cm. Martindale test is 49 500 (more than 30 000 cycles Martindale SFS-EN ISO 129 472). About 26 warp threads / cm, a weft density of approx. 14 threads / cm. Ask, if necessary, finishing options, for example fire protection.

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