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Zirbaslife Design fabrics, natural fibers pressed Finland in the only printing house, which prints digitally all 100% cotton and other natural fibers, including knitted fabrics . Natural fibers (cotton, silk, linen) pattern prints by reactive colors designed to give a unique depth of color and fastness. Because the color are chemically bonded directly to the fiber, the fabric does not change the natural reserve.  The fabric does not remain in PVC or other plastic residues. In this Print factory will be completed with decades of experience with high quality and well-known products, responsibly taking care of people and the environment. Printing process, the fabric goes through the 90-degree wash, so the materials can withstand normal washing temperature of 60 degrees in the future. The duration of upholstery fabrics friction is high-quality, Martindale test result for this cottoncanvas is 49 500.

The only synthetic fiber at our website is polyester ecosued, nubuck touch, luxuriously soft upholstery fabric. Printing of this fabric is also made in Finland by professionals. Colour dye-sublimation printing is attached to the fabric and in the process also the color is absorbed deep into the fibers of the fabric. Abrasion resistance is high quality.

If necessary, ask finishing options. A finish may have eg. easy leveling, fire protection or water and dirt-resistance.

Fabrics are sold in whole meters, 1 piece = 1 meter. Minimum order 2m, unless otherwise stated.

Fabrics delivered rolled up.

Please contact us if you liked a print, and it was not a choice in your preferred material. We will Insert it there!

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